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Moving into an empty home

If you are moving into a previously vacant Cottsway property, there are certain standards you can expect from us.

Before you move in, we will do all the essential repairs that we believe are necessary to ensure your home is in a safe, secure, clean and habitable condition.

It is important that you are aware that there may be some non-urgent repairs that need to be completed after you have moved in. We will:

  • let you know what the timescales are for these repairs;
  • inform you of target dates for major works, such as bathroom and kitchen replacements.

Before you move in:

  • Electrics, gas, structure
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    We will:

    • Carry out electrical and gas safety checks and any repairs needed. You will be given the necessary compliance test certificates.
    • Check for any structural defects or damp with remedial work where needed.
    • Check the condition of any asbestos in the building to ensure it is labelled, in good condition and poses no hazard. It will be safe as long as you don’t disturb it.
    • Test smoke and/or heat detectors and ensure they’re in working order.
    • Test carbon monoxide detectors (where present) and ensure they’re in working order.
    • Block up and ventilate any open fires.
  • Energy efficiency
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    We will: 

    • Provide you with a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).
    • Provide loft insulation in all properties with a loft space.
    • Provide low energy bulbs in light fittings.
  • Kitchen
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    We will:

    • Inspect the kitchen to ensure it is in a sound and hygienic condition.
    • Provide spaces for your cooker, refrigerator and washing machine (unless a communal laundry room is provided). We will also provide a connection point for your cooker.
  • Bathroom
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    We will:

    • Make sure you have a working toilet, sink and bath or shower. If there is a wet-room style bathroom fitted, this will stay in place.
    • Replace light pull chords in bathrooms.
  • Windows and doors
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    We will:

    • Make sure all doors and windows are working.
    • Fit new locks on external doors and provide you with two keys for each external door and, if there is a door entry system, provide you with one fob.
    • Provide you with keys to window locks and fit restrictors to windows on the first floor and above.
  • Floors
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    We will:

    • Ensure that floors are level and safe.
    • Ensure there is vinyl flooring in the kitchen and bathroom – no carpets or flooring are provided in other rooms.
  • Decorating
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    We will:

    • Remove torn wallpaper and any polystyrene ceiling tiles and make surfaces good.
    • Fill any cracks in walls that are more than 6mm wide.
    • Mist coat brightly painted walls.
    • Provide decoration packs if the decoration standard is particularly poor.
  • Cleaning and clearance
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    We will:

    • Empty cupboards, roof space, sheds and outhouses.
    • Clean and wash walls, floors, windows and doors where necessary.
    • Clean all kitchen units inside and out.
    • Clean and descale the toilet(s), bath or shower, and replace the toilet seat(s).
  • Garden
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    We will:

    • Clear all rubbish, broken glass and other sharp objects.
    • Remove dilapidated sheds and fill in ponds.
    • Cut back grass, overgrown shrubs and remove cuttings.
    • Repair unsafe paths and uneven ground to reduce trip hazards, and secure fencing. This may be done after you have moved in.
  • Gifted items
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    Some items, such as timber sheds or laminate flooring may be left in the property and gifted to you. This means the items become your responsibility for future upkeep and maintenance. You can refuse to accept gifted items and we will remove them. If you do accept them, you may be responsible for removing them at the end of your tenancy.

Download this information:

For more information on our repairs and maintenance service, see:

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