Stay safe in your place

We’re running a ‘Stay safe in your place’ campaign over the festive season to remind all of our residents about the importance of fire safety.

We’re giving advice and guidance as part of on-going work to ensure you are all aware of fire risks, and the preventative steps to take.

Earlier this year, we carried out fire risk assessments in our blocks of communal flats and wrote to all of you living in Cottsway flats about fire safety

We’re no publishing advice leaflets and a series of colourful graphics with simple-to-follow tips advising residents about how to ‘Stay safe in your place’, along with some photos of homes affected by fire – look out for these on our social media channels:

Sven Trogstad, our Asset Compliance Manager, said: “As a responsible landlord, we take fire safety very seriously and meet all the required standards, for example by installing mains-powered smoke alarms, safety compliant heating systems and carrying out periodical electrical testing of all sockets, along with fire risk assessments in blocks of flats.

“But there have been fires in some of our homes caused by accidents and people not taking precautions – such as overloading electrical sockets, cigarettes and unapproved electrical wiring – and there have been serious consequences.

“With many people getting new electrical items for Christmas, increased use of candles and people being at home more over the festive season, we want to remind our residents of the importance of fire safety and some of the simple steps to take to protect themselves, their families and their homes.”

While advice varies depending on whether you live in a house or flat, we’d like to remind you all of the following:

  • Check your smoke alarms weekly – if they are not working, or if your alarm starts beeping, contact Cottsway.
  • Don’t leave cooking unattended and avoid leaving children in the kitchen alone with cooking on the hob.
  • Be especially vigilant when cooking with oil – don’t overfill chip pans and never throw water on a chip pan fire.
  • Make sure cigarettes are put out properly – use a proper ashtray and never smoke in bed.
  • Make sure all electrical appliances have a British or European safety mark.
  • Don’t overload electrical sockets. Only used fused extension leads. Avoid using fused adaptors and do not use cubed adaptors in any circumstances.
  • Keep electrical appliances clean and in good working order. Ensure filters are kept clean, especially in tumble dryers.
  • Turn off appliances when not in use. Don’t even leave them on standby.
  • Keep matches, lighters and other sources of ignition out of reach and sight of children.
  • Make sure candles are secured in a proper holder and away from materials that may catch fire, such as curtains. Children and pets shouldn’t be left alone with lit candles.
  • Make sure all electrical sockets are accessible for periodic testing (notice will be given before this is due to happen).

Please see our Home Contents Insurance page for advice.