Service Charges



What are Service Charges?


Your home may benefit from communal areas, facilities or shared access which require maintenance and repairs.

A block of flats will require, amongst other services, communal cleaning, grounds maintenance and regular fire risk assessments. 

The cost of providing these services is met through your Service Charges which are billed by Cottsway Housing Association in accordance with your occupancy agreement.

*Your occupancy agreement is the governing document for your home, i.e. Tenancy Agreement, Lease or Transfer Title.*


What does my Service Charge Cover?


Service Charges will vary from scheme to scheme and will be dependant on the services your home benefits from.

If you are uncertain of the services your home receives these are outlined within you Service Charge Estimate and Statement.


How Do Cottsway Housing Association Calculate My Service Charge?


Cottsway Housing Association operate a variable Service Charge which means you will only pay for the services you receive.

A variable Service Charge estimate is calculated on the actual cost of the services provided and can increase or decrease year on year.

·         Service Charge Estimate


Cottsway Housing Association will provide you with and annual Service Charge Estimate in advance of the forthcoming financial year.


Your Estimate is calculated using the costs incurred for the services received during the previous financial period and will take in to account any contractual variances as well as any introduced or removed services.



·         Service Charge Statement


At the end of each financial year Cottsway Housing Association will compare the actual costs incurred for the services received against the Service Charge Estimate.


The actual costs for the scheme, which your home forms part of, are presented to you in your annual Service Charge Statement and any deficit or surplus balance is identified. Where applicable your Statement will also provide an up to date balance on the Reserve Fund for your scheme.


All costs incurred and outlined within your Service Charge Statement are reviewed by an independent external auditor to ensure the Statement represents a fair summary of the costs and is sufficiently supported be accounts, receipts and other documents.


What is a Deficit or Surplus?

A Deficit is a debit balance at the end of the year and a Surplus is a credit balance.

·         Rental Tenancies and Shared Owners

When a deficit arises the balance will be carried forward to the next Service Charge Estimate and will be applied to your new Service Charge. Similarly when a surplus occurs the balance will also be carried forward to your next Service Charge Estimate and this will deducted from your new service charge.

·         Affordable Rental Tenancies

Your rent is fully inclusive of all Service Charges, where there are fluctuations in the level of actual costs this has no impact on the actual charge for rent or Service Charges.

·         Leaseholders

Your Service Charges are levied annually in arrears, as such any deficit or surplus to the Service Charge Estimate is applied directly to your annual invoice.

How Can I Pay My Service Charge?

If you pay your charges by direct debit, you do not need to do anything. You will receive a further letter from allpay Ltd confirming the new amount to be taken from your bank.

If you pay your charges by standing order you must change your instruction to your bank.


Ways to Pay

There are a number of easy and convenient ways to pay your rent.

The allpay payment app:

The allpay app is a mobile application available to download from the
Apple App Store or Windows Phone store and Google Play enabling you to pay from your Apple, Windows or Android smartphone.

Direct Debit:

A simple, safe and easy option to pay your bills.  We can arrange to set up a collection any day of the month that suits your circumstances.


To make payments at a time that suits you, visit us at  Contact us for more information and to set up an online account.

Payment Card:

Using a payment card you can choose to pay at any PayPoint or Post Office outlets. 


In full on receipt of the demand, or

        In two equal instalments, one during October 2018 and the second during March 2019 or

        In six monthly direct debit payments from October 2018 to March 2019