Brand Refresh

Cottsway’s logo colours have been refreshed with brand new colours. The logo design has remained the same with our familiar petals and company name. As we modernise and work to become a fully digital organisation we decided a fresh new look was in order.

All customers who receive letters, or meet our staff may now see the new logo colours in pink, teal and blue. Please be reassured that this is the genuine, updated Cottsway logo.

The brand refresh is being introduced in phases, so please bear with us as we work to remove the old logo and introduce the new one.

We are also considering value for money options that may mean customers receive letters with a plain black logo. This is a way of keeping costs down but again, please note that this is a genuine communication from us.

We aim to provide all customers with a way of verifying that the communication they receive in their letters is genuine, so please look out for this in any letter you receive, if you have a concern.