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Cottsway House in Witney

Ratings and performance

We have come a long way since we formed in 2001. We are in a strong, robust financial position and we are determined to build upon this success.

We use key performance indicators to gauge our performance against a set of quantifiable measures and we review these regularly, so that we can build on successes and make changes where needed.

Our strategy is one of steady growth, building more homes for more people in housing need, while investing to ensure our residents, communities and business benefits. 

Our ratings

We have some of the strongest financial and regulatory judgements in the sector.

Performance headlines

  • We have comprehensively stress-tested our business plan which reveals a robust financial position, and the capacity to develop more than 160 new affordable homes each year.
  • The headline cost of managing and maintaining each of our homes is in the lowest quartile for the sector.
  • Customer satisfaction is averaging over 87 per cent.
  • We are enhancing our digital services and operations, which will drive further cost and operating efficiencies in the business.
Our publications
Find out more about our services and financial situation.

View our annual report, financial statement and other information about our business.

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