If you live in a Cottsway home and would like to work with us to make a real difference, you may want to consider joining our customer Scrutiny Group or sign up to be contacted by them from time-to-time to give your views: Get involved

Someone giving feedback online

Customer satisfaction surveys

We use an independent market research company called Acuity to carry out different types of surveys for customer feedback.

We use this information to understand what we are doing well and where we can improve.

Using an independent organisation for these surveys offer us the best value for money and allows you to be completely honest about what you think.

While you can answer anonymously, if you agree to share your contact details with us we can respond direct to any urgent concerns. Alternatively, if you want to discuss a problem directly, please: Contact us

To say thank you, all customers who take the time to give us their feedback via one of our surveys are automatically entered in to a free prize draw. Winners are randomly selected and receive a £50 gift card, simply for participating. See our: Prize draw winners

For the latest satisfaction results, see: Customer feedback and performance

When are surveys carried out?

Acuity may call or text you after you have received a service from Cottsway that you have asked for. This includes requesting repairs, reporting anti-social behaviour or making a complaint.

We also ask Acuity to contact you to find out about other services you receive from us, for example your experience of moving into your new home.

Finally, Acuity contacts a random selection of customers, across all our areas, to ask them some general questions about our services. This allows us to understand how we are doing compared to other housing associations.

Your security

Acuity are a Market Research Society (MRS) accredited company and work in accordance with the MRS code of conduct. This means that any information you give them will also be treated in line with data protection regulations. They will never ask you for your bank details or try to sell you anything.

You are not obligated to take part in the surveys and can opt-out by letting Acuity know when they call you, or by contacting us so we can let Acuity know to remove you from any further contact regarding our feedback surveys.

Find out more about how we deal with your personal information:

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